Any number of marketing techniques can be used to get your message out, but the heart of the messages must be relevant and authentic to be effective. Our experienced team of marketers guides you through creating a solid marketing plan that resonates with customers so that your business will grow. Every campaign begins with an in-depth consultation to gain a clear understanding of your goals, audience and industry so that we can create a holistic plan that caters to your needs.

Developing websites that are visually appealing, emotionally engaging and interestingly informative is our specialty. As the face of your brand, the layout and content of your website determines whether you are able to convert visitors into customers. Dedik8ted offers comprehensive website development and management services, including selecting an impactful design, choosing a quality hosting platform and performing ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

The goal of every business is to climb to the top of search engine rankings, but the strategies for capturing this elusive target are constantly changing. At Dedik8ted, our SEO specialists actually enjoy investigating algorithms and scrutinizing analytics because this helps us employ cutting-edge SEO techniques that get your website noticed by every major search engine.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, SlideShare, YouTube — deciding where to focus your social media energies depends upon your business concept and your target audience. Our Dedik8ted social media specialists know the best ways to leverage these platforms and which messages will connect most with your current and potential customers.

Whether you provide a product or service, there are many strategies you can utilize to boost business profits. Since paid advertising targets specific audiences, it is often a critical component of launching a successful digital marketing campaign. Our Dedik8ted marketers understand how to maximize your return on investment for sponsored, pay-per-click and affiliate marketing ads.

A thriving marketing campaign requires constant attention, continual analysis and persistent tweaking to achieve its goals and objectives. We rely on our knowledge, talent and the best metric reporting tools in the business to pinpoint which aspects of your strategy are working well and which tactics need adjusting.

We’re committed to your success

Authentic Marketing for Growing Businesses. At Dedik8ted, our goal is to help you connect with customers. Our full-service, forward-thinking firm only employs the marketing strategies that are right for your brand and encourage meaningful engagement with your audience.

These guys are awesome! They got our eCommerce store up and running fast. They integrated it with an in-store POS and we were able to sale online and in the store like a breeze. Thank you dedik8ted group!!!!

Sean A., SoCal Home Brew

Nate and his team are great at what they do. We just asked for a simple face lift on our website. These guys went above and beyond our expectations.

Sara G.

I don’t typically leave reviews and hate to be bothered with it although this is an exception to my own rules. I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to web design and we had some problems with our website not showing up on mobile phones. I felt much better after talking to nathan. He explained to me why it was not showing up and was able to convert our website to a mobile website. What a difference. Rock on guys

James A.

Being a realtor and not having a website was starting to kill me. Every time a client would ask I would shy away from it. I met Nathan through a mutual realtor friend. I heard all of the pitches before “La La La La” I was surprised when Nathan cut to the chase and took it back to basics. I opted to use his company and it was the best decision I made. I get complements on my site all of the time and these guys are super easy to deal with regarding updates. *****

Cynthia S., C21