About Us

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Authentic Marketing for Growing Businesses

Dedik8ted Marketing Group, Inc. is an inbound digital marketing organization located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Our core services include:
Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click – Paid Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Website Design and Development
Mobile Services

Each client we work with is different and requires a unique approach for generating results. But our goal is the same for everyone: grow their business through better marketing.

Core Values

Here at Dedik8ted Marketing Group we embrace a set of core values that help define our company culture; they define who we are as an organization and provide a path toward everyday attitude and decision making that is conducive to achieving our goals:

Do More With Less – As a service-based business, we must stay lean and efficient. We recognize that improved efficiency leads to a happier team and customers. We foster the mindset of doing more with less; providing more value using less time, energy, and resources.

Excellence Through the Pursuit of Mastery – We constantly pursue mastery of our craft. Our industry constantly evolves, so learning never ends. We recognize the fundamental joy in figuring things out. We reward success and recognize failures as opportunities for growth.

Leadership Through Priority and Proactivity – Our success is dependent on being proactive, prioritizing our actions, and providing leadership, in both client matters and internally as a team. We take the lead to solve problems and take pride in finding solutions that support the greater good.

Teamwork – We encourage each other to be gracious, selfless, and humble–to treat others how we want to be treated. Each individual and team is self-directed, and we own everything we do. We work hard to provide a positive environment where motivated team members flourish and succeed to their highest potential.

Absolutely Fantastic Customer Service – Fantastic customer service is critical to our business. Listening, critical thought, and punctual response are key components in our daily operations. We focus on effective communication and thorough service for our clients to earn trust and foster lasting relationships.