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Pay Per Click – Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click ads are the paid ads that appear at the top and on the side of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results.

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How do they Work?

You are charged only when a searcher clicks on the ad. These ads are highly effective in driving quality traffic to a website and helping webmasters determine which keywords are most efficient in attracting customers.

Why is PPC a Good Supplement to SEO?

Unlike search engine optimization, Pay Per Click ads start driving traffic to websites as soon as the campaign is put into place. New SEO campaigns can take anywhere from 3-6 months before our clients start seeing results. Dedik8ted Marketing Group’s pay per click management services can drive immediate traffic to your site and test out which keyword combinations work best (i.e. which have the best click through rates and conversions) while SEO efforts get off the ground.

Why use Dedik8ted Marketing Group?

It seems easy to open accounts with Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter and run campaigns, but poor management can have costly results. Most campaigns need extensive, ongoing analysis and a precise understanding of various marketplace nuances. Our PPC services pay for themselves many times over by increasing efficiency and freeing your time to what you do best: run your business.

Dedik8ted Marketing Group creates value for our clients through a cycle of strategy, testing, and optimizing to continuously find new ways to improve campaigns. We strive to break records each month to avoid the set-it-and-forget-it mentality that commonly plagues ongoing marketing efforts.

We believe human expertise merges with technology to drive thriving paid search results. Our experience shows that hands-on management makes us successful. After all, this is marketing and advertising—appealing to the searchers’ emotions and intentions is pivotal for success.

Computer-generated solutions in paid search can determine which of two ads is statistically better. The fatal flaw of depending on this mechanical management is that the technology can’t ask why or suggest an alternative option that would outperform both. Successful PPC campaign management is far more than managing bids, much to the chagrin of our clients’ competitors. We combine copy writing skills, keyword research, and conversion optimization to achieve the custom goals made in collaboration with your business.

Sometimes we find that the PPC ads aren’t just beneficial as a supplement to SEO, but can be used as a stand-alone marketing campaign that generates a healthy ROI. Effective PPC ads can breed significant traffic increases in a short amount of time, and as a PPC management company with strong ties to all other forms of Internet marketing, we have the ability to use a variety of tactics to increase your ad profits. The only disadvantage is that as soon as the PPC budget runs dry, the benefits disappear; SEO effects are much more long-term.

Competitive short-term keywords (e.g. “real estate”) can cost upwards of $30 per click. As a leading pay per click company, Dedik8ted Marketing Group completes an extensive keyword analysis project for each client before any money is spent. We target long-tail keywords (e.g. “Rancho Cucamonga condos for sale”). This will result in a lower cost per click and a higher quality of traffic (buyers vs. shoppers) being directed to your site.

Regardless of whether you choose a pay per click agency for your online advertising needs or not, the benefits of a PPC campaign are clear. With the right mix of keywords, you can see immediate profits for your business.