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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of taking one’s website and making it more visible in the organic search engine results with the purpose of generating a return on investment for your business. Organic SEO services require continuous maintenance to achieve continuous results.

Why Invest in Organic SEO with an SEO Company?

The Internet is a major marketing channel. There are billions of people performing targeted searches on a daily basis. Around 80% of all clicks resulting from a search go toward organic listings; the remaining 20% of clicks go toward paid ads (Pay Per Click Ads). Search engine optimization services have an increasingly more crucial role in any marketing campaign.

Being optimized for organic keyword searches is critical to generating:

  • Improved visibility for years to come.
  • Traffic from people who are already interested in finding your products or services.
  • More on-site conversions–an SEO firm aims to improve the visibility of your website as well as on-site conversion rates.


As a Leading SEO Company, How does Dedik8ted Perform Organic SEO?

From a high level point of view as an SEO services company, there are three main points we consider when performing SEO:

  • Trust – Increase your site’s trust with the search engines through link building.
  • Accessibility – We improve the critical, technical SEO factors that make up your website.
  • Content – Enhance your site’s content (page copy) for human readers and search engine indexing.

ethical seo and why we practice it

Ethical SEO and Why We Practice It

There are certain aggressive SEO tactics, commonly refered to as “black hat” SEO, that once were highly effective for search engine rankings. Black hat tactics were designed to fool the engines into thinking a site was more relevant than it really was—some of these methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Cloaking
  • Meta and title tag keyword stuffing
  • Submitting your site to “free for all” link farms
  • Doorway pages to fool search engines into seeing something different than what people see
  • Placing invisible text content onto your web page (ex: white text on white background)

The most popular search engines, such as Google, have filters in place to weed out aggressive SEO tactics, so “black hat” is not only ineffective for rankings but can hurt a site’s reputation with respect to its visitors. Besides, who wants to read a web page stuffed full of keywords to the point that it makes no sense?

As a top organic SEO company, Dedik8ted Marketing Group’s goal with respect to SEO is to create total value for your business through increased, targeted, and consistent high-quality organic traffic. It makes little business sense when it comes to people and robots, so unethical search engine optimization is not part of our policy.

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